Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Now, in Living Color...

A while back I wrote several posts about e-paper (Esquire and E-paper, Kindle as a news delivery tool, the new Plastic Logic e-reader). All of these dealt with existing black-and-white screen technology.

Now, Freestyle Audio is first on the market with a device featuring a color e-paper screen manufactured by Qualcom. OK, it's pretty small, but so were the first commercial applications of black-and-white e-paper. Qualcomm's technology is reported to be able to change pixel colors rapidly enough to handle video. The right app for this is clearly an iPhone-sized screen, but if they can eventually scale this to page size, make it flexible, and build in WiFi, you'll be carrying around a piece of paper showing instant updates of your news feeds, including video. Sign me up.

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