Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chuck Peters summarizes API Summit liveblog

Chuck Peters, CEO of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, was the fellow liveblogging the API Summit last week (his first attempt at that, no less). He has now rededicated his own blog, C3—Complete Community Connection, to this mission:
Newspaper executives from around the world are trying to implement new business models. However, it is hard to implement a new model with an old mindset. Many are trying to arrange the concepts for a new ecosystem of local information. What I hope to do here is share my thoughts, and connections, as we explore these new frontiers.
He has now distilled the liveblog into "Learnings from the API Summit." You can also click the link at the end of his summary and download (MS Word) the full 41-page transcript of the liveblog.

I have to say also that Chuck's paper has a hell of a good website. He's got my nomination play the part of J. Robert Oppenheimer, should the Manhattan Project to blow up and reinvent the newspaper industry get off the ground.

(See also "Don't Bail Out the Watchdog" by Steve Buttry of the Gazette, who works for Peters. This references the tongue-firmly-in-cheek suggestion by Jon Fine of Business Week of a bailout plan for the newspaper industry. Buttry mentions it in passing, but the Newsosaur, Alan Mutter, seems to have taken it seriously, with a detailed explanation of "Why the feds won't bail out newspapers.")

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Martin. Your blogroll and recent posts have been very helpful.

I am going to do my best to attend the Information Valet session in two weeks.

Have you seen the Six Competencies report and today's post by Vickey Williams at ?

I often use "blow it up" when talking to employees, but am trying to use more constructive examples recently, such as creating the Complete Community Connection.

We have much work to do, and do need a sense of urgency.